By 2030, Aotearoa aims to achieve the goal of 100% renewable energy.

Mt Cass Wind Farm will be a giant leap towards achieving this. It will be the largest wind farm in the South Island.

With a maximum generation output of 95MW, Mt Cass could light up 40,000 homes with clean, sustainable energy.

Plus every gust of wind will help offset approximately 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse CO2 emissions annually.

Total generation output of 94.6MW

Potential to power 40,000 homes

Our Impact

The Mt Cass Wind Farm project will be an asset to the North Canterbury region, with multiple economic, environmental and community benefits.

The prevalent nor-west wind is the main driver of wind generation in the Mt Cass area, making it an ideal location for a wind farm.

Even conservatively, by 2050, Aotearoa needs approximately 1,000 new wind turbines to produce a staggering 3,390 megawatts (MW) of power.*

The Mt Cass Wind Farm will be a powerful step towards achieving our country’s renewable energy goals and add greater resilience to the South Island’s electricity supply. 

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