Mt Cass Wind Farm

In order to meet future energy demands, New Zealand will need around 1,000 new wind turbines, generating 3,390 megawatts (MW), by 2050*. MainPower’s Mt Cass Wind Farm will make a positive contribution towards achieving this goal.

The 93MW capacity wind farm will add resilience to the South Island’s electricity supply and potentially offset around 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse CO2 emissions per year.

The Mt Cass Wind Farm will be the largest wind farm in the South Island with a maximum generation output of 93MW. To put this into perspective, the Mt Cass Wind Farm has the capacity to power about 40,000 residential homes.

Mt Cass Wind Farm was the first wind farm project to successfully vary the RMA consent for larger, more technologically advanced turbines. It will be the first time the GE4.2-117 turbines are used in New Zealand.

The prevalent Nor-West wind is the main driver of wind generation in the Mt Cass area, making it an ideal location for a wind farm.

* Source: Electricity demand and generation scenarios (EDGS) (2019: MBIE)