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A decision by the Marlborough Lines Limited Board not to approve the equity funding for the proposed Mt..

North Canterbury’s Mt Cass Wind Farm has taken another step towards construction with a new strategic partnership...
Mt Cass Wind Farm early works activities will be concluded within the next three months...
It has been an incredibly busy year for the project team. Following the decision to transition the project..

MainPower New Zealand Ltd’s Mt Cass Wind Farm Project is transitioning to an alternative delivery model for the..

Design, procurement and financing activities continue on the Mt Cass Wind Farm project. The project team are working..

As part of the Mt Cass Wind Farm’s ecological commitments, we are protecting two species of lizard that..

With 2021 well underway, the Mt Cass Wind Farm project team are working hard to get the project..

Despite a challenging year, the Mt Cass Wind Farm team have achieved some significant milestones in 2020, specifically..

It has been a busy few months for the Mt Cass Wind Farm project. The team continues to..

Meet the Mt Cass Wind Farm Community Liaison Group members.  Scott BennettProject Director, Mt Cass Wind Farm Scott..

North Canterbury lines company MainPower posted a $4.95 million after-tax operational profit in the 2020 financial year, up..