Lines companies unite to deliver South Island’s largest wind farm

North Canterbury’s Mt Cass Wind Farm has taken another step towards construction with a new strategic partnership.  

MainPower New Zealand Limited (MainPower) has confirmed Marlborough Lines Limited (through its subsidiary Energy Marlborough) has purchased a 50% financial interest in the Mt Cass Wind Farm. 

This is the first time two lines companies have come together to deliver a major infrastructure project for New Zealand. 

MainPower Chief Executive, Andy Lester, says the partnership makes sense with both companies already collaborating on a number of projects, being consumer-owned and having aligned strategies.  

“We’re both firmly committed to delivering value to our shareholders (who are also our customers) and this project delivers value in multiple ways. The construction phase will deliver potentially 100 jobs and about $100 million of direct local investment. The project will also create 127 hectares of protected land with predator free areas of native shrub and forest, and the existing Mt Cass walkway will be extended, adding a great leisure resource and visitor attraction.”

Marlborough Lines Chief Executive, Tim Cosgrove, says his company had been actively seeking new opportunities to invest in renewable generation.

“The Mt Cass Wind Farm aligned with our vision to energise Marlborough’s future. It will deliver much needed renewable generation to the upper South Island and greater resilience to the electricity supply. It’s a positive step towards reaching New Zealand’s net zero emissions targets.”

The $350 million Mt Cass Wind Farm project will have 22 turbines generating a maximum of 95MW of electricity – enough to power 40,000 homes.

Mt Cass Wind Farm Ltd Chief Executive Todd Voice says this is an exciting infrastructure project for North Canterbury, which will be the largest windfarm in the South Island.  

“Overall, the windfarm will potentially save around 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse CO2 emissions each year. We are delighted to have Marlborough Lines on the team to deliver it. Our focus now is continuing to shape the project so it remains on track – we are confident of success,” concludes Mr Voice.

The Mt Cass Wind Farm already has the required resource consents. Construction is expected to begin in 2024.

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